Dirty Hands

People fail. They kill, they rape, they are violent towards their children, they steal, they lie, they hate. They are cold, insensitive, unfair, unkind, miserable, shameful, hurtful, vile, and fragile. Sometimes they do evil things on purpose. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes people are raised in evil and think it’s normal. Sometimes their brain is … Continue reading Dirty Hands

The First Day

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. All matter was formless and void. A tiny pinprick bursting with potentiality. Even time was born in the space of an instant. From nothing the cosmos was thrust out suddenly. It was catastrophe, cacophony, a symphony of chaotic noise collisions. Smashing atoms blasted through the … Continue reading The First Day

Unmorning Person

When I wake the dreams still cling tightly Their lovely tentacles pulling, caressing my brain Sleepy thoughts swirling cloudy, gentle As I climb out of bed and reassemble slowly The pieces of those dream-worlds remain Visions of impossible beauty sentimental Coming down from the transcendental Sunlight crashes in and burns the feelings that remain Morning … Continue reading Unmorning Person