optimize for negative keywords remove any duplicate [quietly] keywords bid on competitors names monitor the quality [louder] scores of keywords watch the size of your ad groups monitor what people type remove any ads perform as expected [insistently] use AdWords build up where organic lacks use all your available space for text use all of … Continue reading Keywords


with mobile usage on the rise there’s a good chance a large percentage traffic is coming from mobile devices It’s not a good idea to assume desktop and mobile traffic produce the same results I recommend categorizing campaigns by device type structuring your campaigns by device type allows you to handle desktop traffic independent from … Continue reading adwords

dead reckoning

decryption incomplete data transmission insecure data breach imminent lost mission system haunted revealed insecure every dive takes more effort gas planet category giants formed bruised performs catastrophic data abandoned lost way-finding solar view turns cresting horizon the orbits inking brood days blunder in heavy gloves world escape insecure 53 catatonic charts pole cartography disaster gathering … Continue reading dead reckoning


into the of land dripping / wandered got wet / sacrifice thought with souls grey head down / tunnel vision grey of the stained earth even life / a grey unknown recently I’ve grown founder of my self sacrifice and wet earth grey and grey and grey melting like snow near a fire only light … Continue reading Depressions

out and out

this is my blue period my self deluded period my misunderstood and confused nonchalantly agonizing over every perceived threat but too paralyzed by indecision to do anything about it period don’t throw a fit, I whisper to myself spine twisted in my chair ripe for wanting to quit slumped fending off 3 pm despair with … Continue reading out and out


when first we beheld your glory wrapped in splendorous applause autumnal / it left us trembling in our boots, bewildered, lost for words / numb skulled in fear we fell on our knees, worshipful every prayer on our lips, a whore’s gift / poured out in fervent adoration and yet, on studying the fine print … Continue reading Excommunication

Restless Nights

inside there is a sound like thunder the lightning fury that unmakes the whispered words of broken spirits the drip of rusted, basement pipes where the insects swarm and skitter the whimpered bargains in the dark the sinking sidewalks crumbling under waves of hurried, tired feet Continue reading Restless Nights