Holy of Holies

Over tangled bodies and raspy breaths The sun burns low like a cigarette We hide from your dad in an old RV Whispering secrets over cheap boxed wine I watch your lips during church on Sunday As they form the words of our favorite hymns Shattered rainbows shining on the saints They say it’s wrong … Continue reading Holy of Holies

Feeling Smaller

I think I’m a bad person How can I feel trapped by kisses And brilliant, sun-shiny smiles? I’m not equipped to deal With these grown up responsibilities How can I raise children When I feel so much like a child? I’m feeling small right now Everything seems daunting I put on a brave face, But … Continue reading Feeling Smaller


I’m not one of the good ones But I try to be That’s got to count for something, right? Doing my best to fight ugly instincts Probably not God is like the sun Bringing us warmth and light Burning into infinity Anything not made of plasma And searing away Our scars, darkness, and malformations So … Continue reading Sin

Street Walker

Her broken feet swollen in cracking worn shoes Tread far through the waves of similar houses The walker seeks those willing to listen Wisdom passed down directly from Solomon Secret words and rich hidden stories Lost to modern calloused clueless hearts Minds full of science with no room for wonder Lives busy, noisy, distracting, sad … Continue reading Street Walker

Dirty Hands

People fail. They kill, they rape, they are violent towards their children, they steal, they lie, they hate. They are cold, insensitive, unfair, unkind, miserable, shameful, hurtful, vile, and fragile. Sometimes they do evil things on purpose. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes people are raised in evil and think it’s normal. Sometimes their brain is … Continue reading Dirty Hands

The First Day

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. All matter was formless and void. A tiny pinprick bursting with potentiality. Even time was born in the space of an instant. From nothing the cosmos was thrust out suddenly. It was catastrophe, cacophony, a symphony of chaotic noise collisions. Smashing atoms blasted through the … Continue reading The First Day