The Shits

Hunter and the hunted The quicker and the quick Rest for the weary And a dollar for a lick A hundred to forget Protection from the fire A penny saved, a penny earned The harp and the lyre The sleeper and the spindle Loose change for the blind Tap to take a turn to dance … Continue reading The Shits

Rolled Phlegm

Wet, smooth, and sticky I roll a large, yellow Freshly picked booger With one nose hair in it Slowly between thumb And forefinger while Driving my new Lincoln And babbling nonsense But all jokes aside I’m not Mr. McConaughey And I never will be Despite my best efforts Because when I do it It’s the … Continue reading Rolled Phlegm

Dog Days (RD)

Anne opened the door. Carlos smiled warmly and looked her up and down. Hunger drove the men toward a diner in the middle of the night. The follicles on his face still disappointed him with patchy, inconsistent growth. Carlos checked his watch nervously, waiting for the vault to open. He wore a hat to hide … Continue reading Dog Days (RD)