The Tipping Point

We made a plan to start over Chose men to drive the tractors Titanic monsters designed To obliterate, smash, rend, and ruin Every city and civilization into dust And to till the earth with salt Then poison every river and sea After everything, when they’re done The drivers will destroy the plows Say goodbye, and … Continue reading The Tipping Point


A smart phone is a window A magic traveling device For anywhere we want to go History in vivid color Distant places far and strange Every book ever written Limitless information So if knowledge is power Then our strength is infinite We’ve built a time machine And we can go back To any time with … Continue reading Mobility

Racism Evolved

The greatest threats to equality The struggle still being waged The quiet prejudice of inaction The cold silence of consent The perpetuating cycles Of poverty, crime, and incarceration Trapping and destroying Those who built this nation While it held them in chains Found poetry from the speech Eric Holder gave on racial inequality for the … Continue reading Racism Evolved


A wave begins deep and unseen Moving on the ocean floor A tidal force hidden below When it breaks the surface The foam and spray crash Thundering against the shore You see the crests rise high Afraid the levies will break Trying to contain the fury Shouting into the salty wind “Stay where I tell … Continue reading Riot

Through the Wardrobe

Remember when you dreamed of dragons Shining armor and deep, dark forests? Well, do you hear those trumpets? That’s your call to arms, your time has come Your bedroom closet does hold monsters Banker boxes filled with bills buried deep Behind business clothes and winter coats Medical records chronicling every battle Your glovebox full of … Continue reading Through the Wardrobe