The Broken Plane

Pale twisted bodies, drowning houses Shattered rainbows, blood-red flowers All stripped bare exposing brittle skin Sanctuary echoes thin lipped vowels Patterns on the pillars, posts and saints Innocent child in the highway headlights Hidden Russian dolls in shipping crates The robin’s red breast broken open drips Open windows spill yellow light outside On swirling snow … Continue reading The Broken Plane

Holy of Holies

Over tangled bodies and raspy breaths The sun burns low like a cigarette We hide from your dad in an old RV Whispering secrets over cheap boxed wine I watch your lips during church on Sunday As they form the words of our favorite hymns Shattered rainbows shining on the saints They say it’s wrong … Continue reading Holy of Holies

Meal Planning

With some reservation that it will yield useful results I google the words “meals, cheep and delicious” For an hour afterward I salivate over roasted garlic lamb Creamy butternut squash soup, braised charcoal ribs Pulled pork empanadas, spinach mushroom frittatas Whole wheat 6-cheese pizzas, and bacon hand pies Before realizing that I’ve gone down a … Continue reading Meal Planning

Feeling Smaller

I think I’m a bad person How can I feel trapped by kisses And brilliant, sun-shiny smiles? I’m not equipped to deal With these grown up responsibilities How can I raise children When I feel so much like a child? I’m feeling small right now Everything seems daunting I put on a brave face, But … Continue reading Feeling Smaller