My One Thing

My greatest pleasure in the last week was snuggling on my baby girl’s bed for five minutes tonight and listening to her sing at bedtime. Nothing else even came close. “Are you happy?” I asked. “Mhmm.” “Do you feel safe?” “Yes.” “You know mommy and daddy love you so much.” “Yeah.” “I love you.” “I … Continue reading My One Thing

Quick Update

January’s almost over. Found a daycare for new baby and got to hear the heartbeat, very excited. Moving sometime in May. I’ve written 36 things this month, which is the most I’ve ever completed and of the I’m very proud. I’ve also been reading quite a lot more than I was last year, so that’s … Continue reading Quick Update

True Communion

Hi. I need a break. I hope we can still be friends. If not, I’ll catch you later on the other side of whatever this is. Until then, I’m sorry if you’re disappointment or frustrated. Please, whatever you do, don’t try to “fix it” or tell me what I should be doing. I’m just done … Continue reading True Communion

Impulse Control

Sometimes, just for a moment, I get really bummed out about where my life is going. Now, you have to understand, 99% of the time I love my life. I never deserved to be showered in such wonderful blessings: A loving, perfect, dedicated and sexy wife A perfectly adorable, super smart, and kind daughter Friends … Continue reading Impulse Control

Yellow Train

I used to have this reoccurring dream that my dad was driving our mini van and a big yellow train engine hauling silver cars would smash into him and the van would explode. He was always dead on impact. I must have had this dream a hundred times growing up. Last night at 10 pm, … Continue reading Yellow Train

New Tunes for A New Year: A Manifesto

If you want your music to fill my ears It’d better have megaphone filters With pained voices and shouting backups Detuned guitars and keyboard solos Electronic vibrations, heavy bass An 80’s vibe, an existential crisis Heavy but lighthearted cosmic overtones Nonsense lyrics, evocative descriptions And throughout an air of authenticity Or I’m not fucking having … Continue reading New Tunes for A New Year: A Manifesto