Music Review Wednesday

Song Review: “Terryfold” by Chaos Chaos By: Antwerp Fantana You know, when I was reviewing this record, it made me feel things I’ve never experienced before. There are a lot of songs that, you know, just get me turnt because they create a certain, I guess, set of colors in my head. And I when … Continue reading Music Review Wednesday

I Spent the Entire Weekend Without My Implanted Neuro-Network

I needed an implanted neuro-network cleanse, likely over a year ago. Recently, I was sitting at my desk and I picked up my implanted neuro-network consecutively three times in a row to open Twitter, all while staring blindly at two computer screens with thirty tabs open. My implanted neuro-network notified me last week that I’d … Continue reading I Spent the Entire Weekend Without My Implanted Neuro-Network

Drink Review: Monzanto Martini

The Monzanto Martini is taking the inner-galactic cluster by storm. It is the latest invention of MixologAI, a level 6 intelligence that has bridged the gap between simple machine and conscious life form. Now, many are asking themselves if MixologAI has surpassed all biological races with this instant classic of the adult beverage genre. Deceptively … Continue reading Drink Review: Monzanto Martini

Misery Loves Company Man

pinwheel / flywheel treadmill grinding with blinders on procrastinating putting it off until tomorrow / next week it’s lit / on fire probably wouldn’t put up with it if I didn’t have my zoloft just werkin’ / paycheck to paycheck rent checks bouncing overdraft fees on top of late fees collections on my back throwing … Continue reading Misery Loves Company Man


you can’t just / cast your feelings onto other people like a broken projector flickering / vacation photos memories bittersweet they are some other not just a twisted reflector beneath the shadow of an old church steeple / standing on the hot summer gravel roads we used to travel together but you can’t keep lightning … Continue reading Flicker

Haiku Again

looking back I didn’t want any of this to happen crunching in alluminum cans recycle caffeine heart in knots anticipation of the let down ghosted again don’t be surprised this was your plan disaster realized curling leaves in the fire dry branches glow burning embers hot coffee on a warm morning mouthful of steam chapel … Continue reading Haiku Again

Suttungr’s Mead

infinite infinite infinite down and down and down space folded on space like metal sheets forming a knife twisting and pounded, pulled through the eye of a needle flaming, a knife all blade plunged deep to quench the giant’s endless hunger his body, matter his blood, energy flowing like a wellspring from the wound in … Continue reading Suttungr’s Mead